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Each Fall, choristers in Phoenix Children’s Chorus travels to Prescott, Arizona for a 3-day camp designed to allow choristers to connect with the PCC community and inspire excellence in our upcoming season.

Why is Camp Important? 

  • Choristers will develop their sense of community through teambuilding activities and games as well as build friendships within their ensemble. Time spent together at camp allows our choristers to develop the foundation of lifelong relationships that so many of our alumni treasure into adulthood. 

  • Time throughout the weekend is dedicated to helping choristers build their confidence. Singing can make everyone feel vulnerable. It is important that each chorister feels assured and understands that their voice is important to the choir. 

  • It is important we establish a professional rapport between the choristers and the PCC Staff as rehearsals begin for the upcoming season. This professional rapport will allow the directors to run efficient rehearsals, which will maximize learning for the chorister. 

Tamika Boyett

PCC Class of 2015

Choir and Piano Teacher, Copper Canyon High School

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As a 4th grader singing for PCC for the first time, camp was a great way to create long lasting friendships and be fully immersed in learning our music. It was always the highlight of my summer and the memories that we created every year will last a lifetime. Attending camp was essential to my success as a musician and building comradery in our choir.


Our weekend at camp helps to establish expectations, procedures, and relationships for the upcoming season. At camp we strive to... 

  • Have fun singing and making friends

  • Create excitement among the choristers and their families about the upcoming season

  • Learn procedures and rehearsal techniques used during the upcoming season

  • Rehearse music for the upcoming season

  • Increase understanding of music fundamentals and vocal technique

  • Participate in activities that teach the value of teamwork

  • Learn packing, planning, organizational, and basic etiquette skills, important for participating in touring choirs at PCC.  

  • Instill a sense of pride in Phoenix Children’s Chorus 

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