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Music is a universal language shared by all people. This common ground allows choristers in Phoenix Children’s Chorus to create meaningful connection with other from around the world. Through national and international travel, we use performance to express ourselves while learning about the lives of different people and cultures. PCC tours open the world to our choristers allowing them to expand their community and world view far beyond our city, helping them to become global citizens in the future.



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It was through music that I found my passion: social work. We sang songs that highlighted struggle, hope, and the human experience. The music opened our minds to diverse but also universal experiences. Being part of PCC's touring choir taught me to be professional and open minded; and allowed me to learn about the world around me. The tours were wonderful  opportunities to learn lifelong skills such as collaboration, leadership, and punctuality. 


Bhavana Bellamkonda

PCC Class of 2016

Social Worker, International Rescue Committee

Each performance tour at Phoenix Children's Chorus is designed to provide powerful musical, cultural, and personal experiences for each chorister. 


• Experience domestic and international destinations and people designed to broaden cultural understanding and musical experiences


• Develop relationships and cultural understanding through exchanges and collaborations with local singers, community groups, educators, and audiences


• Learn and demonstrate the cooperative skills required to successfully prepare for and execute a domestic or international concert tour


• Endeavor to inspire audiences through meaningful performance


• Interact with highly respected musicians and conductors through workshops and clinics


• Attend performances given by outstanding domestic and international arts organizations


• Exemplify excellence in music education occurring in the State of Arizona and the United States to the domestic or international community


• Represent the City of Phoenix, the State of Arizona, and the United States in promoting goodwill and cultural understanding



2025 Japan

Performances in Tokyo and Himeji


Cadenza and Encore participate in domestic and international concert tours each summer. Tours include concerts in world-class venues and cultural exchanges with other music organizations as well as attendance at professional performances and unique local experiences


Bravo choristers travel annually to southern California to participate in the Choirs of America Festival. During the festival our choristers perform in professional concert venues, interact with choirs from around the country, and work with internationally renowned clinicians. Additionally, choristers attend local performances and visit their favorite theme park.


Canto experiences a one-day choral workshop in Flagstaff or Tucson each spring working with an outstanding local conductor. The also spend time exploring local attractions and bonding as a community of singers.



1999 Los Angeles, California with performance at Crystal Cathedral

2000 Austria including World Choir Games

2001 Los Angeles, California with performance at Crystal Cathedral

2003 Ennis, Ireland with Phoenix Sister Cities

2004 Germany including World Choir Games

2005 San Antonio, Texas with performance at Alamo Plaza

2006 Washington DC & New York City with performance at St Paul’s Chapel

2007 St. Petersburg, Russia with performance at Glazunov Concert Hall

2008 Hermosillo, Mexico with Phoenix Sister Cities

2009 Burlington, Vermont & Montreal, Canada including Vermont Festival

2010 Beijing, Xian, & Shanghai, China with performance at Xi’an Concert Hall 

2011 Chicago, Illinois including collaboration with Chicago Children’s Choir

2012 Rome & Catania, Italy with Phoenix Sister Cities

2013 San Francisco, California including collaboration with Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir and masterclass with Chanticleer

2014 Eugene, Oregon including Picfest

2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina with performance at Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento

2016 Salt Lake City, Utah including collaboration with One Voice Children’s Choir 

2017 New York City, New York with performance at Carnegie Hall

2018 Brisbane & Sydney, Australia including collaboration with Australian Girls Choir and performance at Sydney Opera House 

2019 Denver, Colorado including Sing a Mile High Festival

2021 San Diego, California including collaboration with San Diego Children’s Choir

2022 Miami, Florida including collaboration with Miami Children's Chorus and Florida Singing Sons

2023 Madrid, Seville & Barcelona, Spain including collaboration with Antara Korai

2024 Vancouver, Portland & Seattle including collaboration with Vancouver Youth Choir and Northwest Girlchoir

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